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Theodoor Heat Pump X5 (Wire Drawing)

Theodoor Heat Pump X5 (Wire Drawing)

The water pump and out door unit are separated. The water tank can be installed indoor. The outdoor unit connects the tank with piping. This heat pump system can save indoor space. Additionally, it has the following advantages :
1. Painted tank or stainless steel tank are all available for Theodoor heat pump.
2. You can choose 100L, 150L, 200L, 260L,320L and 500L water tank (storage cylinder) for this heat pump.
3. The power of our heat pump varies from 3.6kw, 4.8kw and 6.8kw.
4. It is made of white or silver stainless steel.
5. Environmentally friendly refrigerant R417 or R410 can be used.
6. This heat pump adopts Panasonic compressor which has high quality performance.

Technical specification

Model RS-
Rated Input Power 0.88 KW 1.2 KW 1.7 KW
Rated Heating Capacity 3.6 KW 4.8 KW 6.8 KW
Heating ampere 4.0A 5.45A 7.73A
Power Supply 220V~50Hz
Outlet water temperature 55 degrees
Water output capacity 77L/H 103L/H 146L/H
Capacity of Water Tank 100L 150L 150L 200L 260L 260L 320L 500L
Refrigerant R407C/R417A /R410A
Compressor Panasonic
Condenser Copper coil
Evaporator High efficiency finned heat exchanger
Size of Outdoor unit (mm) 780x255x540 840x283x610
Outdoor unit N.W. (Kg) 29 33 45
Noise (dB) 45 48 52
Size of Water Tank (mm) ∮470X950 ∮470X1390 ∮470X1390 ∮560X1230 ∮560X1515 ∮560X1515 ∮560X1790 ∮700X1760
Water tank N.W. (Kg) 27KG 34KG 41KG 46KG 52KG 56KG 62KG 70KG
Water connection DN20 DN20 DN20 DN20 DN20 DN20 DN20 DN20
Duct (mm) ∮6.35 /∮9.52 ∮6.35 /∮12.7
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Theodoor is a China heat pump manufacturer and supplier. We offer heat pump, and super large wind air curtain, ventilating fan. Our high quality products are offered at competitive prices. Theodoor is located in China, and the full chain of manufacturing cycle heating heat pump, warm and cold wind air curtain can be completed in China, even in one city. Lower manufacturing cost saves your purchasing cost. The more details of each product are shown on the page with description.