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Fashion Wind Air Curtain

Fashion Wind Air Curtain

Fashion wind air curtain is powerful, quiet and clean.
1. New design and patent
Centrifugal type air flow design makes the operation turns calm. This fashion wind air curtain adopts aluminum cabinet and luxury appearance which can embody your modern decoration.
2. High air speeds and steady operation
Fashion wind air curtain provide strong air barrier by low noise steady motors. It can effectively isolate dust, fume and cold or hot air in order to maintain a hygienic environment.
3. Wireless remote control technology is adopted by this fashion wind air curtain.
4. Our fashion wind air curtain features special panel and compact structure.
5. Easy to install, clean and maintain.

1. Mounting height: 2.5m - - 4 m
2. Its suitable occasion
a. Cafeteria
b. Bakery
c. Storage Unit
d. Waiting Room
e. Restaurants
f. Large Store
g. Department Store
h. Sports Centre
i. Subway
j. Electronics Factory
k. Museum

Technical specification

FM-35 SERIES (Available door height: 2.5-3.5m)
Model Voltage/ Frequency (V/Hz) Input power (W) Air Volume (m3/h) Air Speed (m/s) Noise (db) Net Weight (Kg) Size (mm)
High Low High Low High Low High Low
FM-3509- L/Y 220~ 240 /50 230 200 1100 900 16 13 <52 <49 13 900x230x215
FM-3510-L/Y 250 220 1200 1000 <52 <49 13.5 1000x230x215
FM-3512-L/Y 290 260 1500 1200 <53 <50 15.5 1200x230x215
FM-3515-L/Y 380 350 1900 1500 <55 <52 20 1500x230x215
FM-3518-L/Y 450 420 2280 1800 <57 <55 23.5 1800x230x215
FM-3520-L/Y 470 440 2520 2100 <58 <56 27 2000x230x215
FM-40 SERIES (Available door height: 3-4m)
FM-4009-L/Y 220~ 240 /50 300 270 1400 1000 20 16 <57 <54 13 900x230x215
FM-4010-L/Y 320 290 1550 1100 <57 <54 13.5 1000x230x215
FM-4012-L/Y 400 370 1900 1500 <58 <55 15.5 1200x230x215
FM-4015-L/Y 500 470 2300 1900 <61 <58 20 1500x230x215
FM-4018-L/Y 600 570 2850 2250 <63 <61 23.5 1800x230x215
FM-4020-L/Y 620 590 3255 2855 <64 <62 27 2000x230x215


Easy to open, convenient design which does not use screw in outside cover. The stainless cover is made of high-tech aluminum and ABS of high quality. Adopting optimized electrical machinery, it can operate reliably, and run safely for 5,000 consecutive hours. With a uniquely designed wind flow baffle, it can produces wind in all directions, working well in various environments. It can be operated either by remote control or at the touch of a button. It has high and low speed switch functions.
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