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Super Large Wind Air Curtain

Super Large Wind Air Curtain

Main features
1. Super large wind air curtain has extra wind force. It is used for special situations.
2. Mounting height of super large wind air curtain is up to 5 meters.
3. Ultra-stable aluminum alloy wind wheel is adopted by this super large wind air curtain for steady movement and high force air flow.
4. Powder coated steel is adopted for outer cover.

1. Mounting height: 6 m
2. Its suitable occasion
a. Metal Storefront
b. Specialised Factory
c. Spinning Mill
d. Forzen Goods Factory
e. Paint Factory
f. Large kitchen

Technical specification

Model Dia. of wheel (mm) Dimension (mm) Voltage/ Frequency (V/Hz) Input power (W) Air Volume (m3/h) Air Speed (m/s) Noise (db) Net Weight (Kg)
FM-2009S 200 900x366x338 380V /50Hz 720 4700 22 72 29
FM-2012S 200 1200x366x338 1050 7350 74 35
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