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Direct Ventilation Air Curtain

Direct Ventilation Air Curtain

Main features
1. This is a direct-ventilating type air curtain
2. Direct ventilation air curtain adopts dual airflow design.
3. Effective air barrier.
4. This air curtain adopts quite silence motor.

1. Mounting height: 2 m - - 2.3 m
2. Its suitable occasion
a. Supermarket
b. Shop
c. Boutique
d. Restaurant
e. Office

Technical specification

Model Size (mm) Voltage(V) Frequency(Hz) Motor power(W) Air volume (m3/h) Air velocity (m/s) Noise (dB) Net weight (kg)
High Low High Low
FM-1306T-Z/Y 600x220x157 220 / 50 80 70 840 630 8.5-11 48-49 7.8
FM-1309T-Z/Y 900x220x157 130 120 1400 1050 51-52 11.2
FM-1312T-Z/Y 1200x220x157 160 145 1680 1760 53-54 14.5
FM-1315T-Z/Y 1500x220x157 215 195 2240 1680 56-58 18
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