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World Wind Air Curtain

World Wind Air Curtain

This is a compact type air curtain. It features metal cover, advanced fire resistance, easy installation and simple maintenance. Optimized fan wheel design makes this world wind air curtain capable to provide stable and even air flow.
It can produce large air volume with low noise. With reliable designed motor and overheating protector, our world wind air curtain can operate safely and continuously for 5000 hours without defect.

1. Mounting height: 2.5m - - 3.5 m
2. Its suitable occasion
a. Cafeteria
b. Bakery
c. Storage Unit
d. Waiting Room
e. Restaurants
f. Large Store
g. Department Store
h. Sports Centre

Technical specification

12 series (available door height: 2-3m)
Model Voltage/ Frequency (V/Hz) Input power (W) Air Volume (m3/h) Air Speed (m/s) Noise (db) Net Weight (Kg) Size (mm)
High Low High Low
FM-1209ST/Y 220~ 240 /50 <160 1150 900 11 9 <57 10 900x190x210
FM-1210ST/Y <180 1270 1000 <58 10.5 1000x190x210
FM-1212ST/Y <200 1750 1200 <58 12 1200x190x210
FM-1215ST/Y <230 2180 1500 <59 13.5 1500x190x210
FM-1218ST/Y <330 2610 1800 <60 15 1800x190x210
FM-1220ST/Y <400 2800 1850 <61 17 2000x190x210
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