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5G Heating Air Curtain

5G Heating Air Curtain

Main features
1. The new grille panel and luxury air intake design makes the maintain and clean very simple.
2. Heating air curtain adopts un-electrified surface PTC heater which can realize safe and fast temperature rising. With automatic temperature control, it can create comfortable air barrier automatically.
3. Strong and fast heat generating, stable performance.
4. Cooling (Normal air) or heating air can be chosen separately by remote control.
5. PTC heater and motor of our heating air curtain are both equipped with over-heated protector which can effectively protect components and save energy under normal use.
6. Delay turnoff protecting device will run automatically when there is a fault. So, heating air curtain's service life is efficiently extended.
7. Our heating air curtain is powerful, quiet and clean.

Technical specification

MODEL Product Size (mm) Voltage/ Frequency
(V ~ Hz)
Motor Power (W) Heater Power (KW) Air Speed (M/S) Air Volume (m3/h) Net Weight (Kg) Noise level (dB)
RM-1209S-D/Y5G 900x190x260 220v ~~50Hz <160 6 8.5-9.5 1600 14.5 57
RM-1212S-D/Y5G 1200x190x260 <200 8 2200 17.5 58
RM-1215S-D/Y5G 1500x190x260 <230 10 2700 20 59
RM-1209S-3D/Y5G 900x190x260 380v ~~50Hz <160 6 8.5-9.5 1600 14.5 57
RM-1212S-3D/Y5G 1200x190x260 <200 8 2200 17.5 58
RM-1215S-3D/Y5G 1500x190x260 <230 10 2700 20 59
RM-1218S-3D/Y5G 1800x190x260 <330 12 3300 22.5 60
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