Induced Fan

Induced Fan

Tailored new fan
Modern houses are all with high tightness, so ventilation has become more and more important. Theodoor bi-directional flow induced fan can create corresponding conditions for all types of house to maintain a comfortable.

Ideal home environment
Induced fan can bring fresh air to house in order to achieve ideal home environment. So you can easily enjoy a comfortable and healthy home life.

Technical specification

Stall Voltage Power Rotate speed Wind Speed(m/s) Wind volume (m3/h)
V~ W rpm left middle right
H 220 149 1300 15 18 18 1800
M 135 1100 13 16 16 1600
L 120 900 11 14 14 1400
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Theodoor is a China induced fan manufacturer and supplier. We offer induced fan, and super thin heated air curtain, ceiling wind air curtain. Our high quality products are offered at competitive prices. Theodoor is located in China, and the full chain of manufacturing heat pump, silver color, direct heating heat pump can be completed in China, even in one city. Lower manufacturing cost saves your purchasing cost. The more details of each product are shown on the page with description.